Smart Digital Advertising for Real Estate Agents

Use proven A.I. technology to generate quality leads by targeting prospective buyers and sellers across social media, websites, and mobile apps — all within one platform.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence on Facebook/Instagram, Messenger & Google

Build Your Sales Pipeline on Autopilot

Reach Thousands of Targeted Leads With Automation

Adfuel is the #1 Lead Automation For Any Real Estate Agent or Brokerage Firm. Find High Quality, Pre-qualified Leads, and Close More Deals With Our All-In-One Universal Platform.

Smart Targeting for Real Estate Agents

Whether your prospect is ready to call or actively exploring, our A.I. will optimize the ads to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Widen Your Reach

Get more quality leads by amplifying your ads to multiple channels — social media, websites, mobile apps, all within one platform, to reach your audience wherever they are.

Automatically Optimize Your Budget

Sit back and let our A.I. spot targeting and conversion patterns 24/7, even while you are sleeping! Focus 100% of your time on serving your customers and closing more sales.


Easy Peasy from designing ads to setting up campaign strategies, it’s as easy as 1-2-LAUNCH! Our smart predictive A.I. will do the rest.


Target the audience you want, with personalized ads.

Create Campaign

Tell us who should see your ads and the website you want them to visit.

Design Ad

Design your ads using our beautiful ready - made templates.

Set Budget & Launch

Launch and let our A.I. manage your campaign for optimal results

Relevant Additional Real Estate Capabilities with Adfuel

Produce captivating digital marketing segments engineered to deliver interactive ads that highlight your business through Adfuel’s additional dynamic advertising services.

Campaigns Created to Reach Buyers and Sellers

Market to the Right Customers

Explore unified data to advertise tailored marketing messages and tap into your desired audience.

Explore unified data to advertise tailored marketing messages and tap into your desired audience.